Video: Scope Of Actuarial Science

Scope Of Actuarial Science Mr. Nikhil Gupta addressing students of Asia Pacific Institute of Management and briefing them on scope of Actuarial Science in India.…

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Quotes: Peter Lynch

Famous Quotes from Peter Lynch Peter Lynch (born January 19, 1944) is an American investor, mutual fund manager and philanthropist. As the manager of the Magellan Fund at Fidelity…

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Quotes: Warren Buffet

Famous Quotes from Ace Investor Warren Buffett Considered to be the most successful investor of the world, Warren Buffet has shared his investment fundamentals at…

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Insurance – The most undermined part of our portfolio!

Insurance - The most undermined part of our portfolio! While we are are young and healthy, we never think of taking insurance! Our lives revolve…

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Fixed Deposits Vs Equity – Better investing option?

Stocks are always better than Fixed deposits if you follow key investing principles diligently! Mutual funds lend you expertise and provides same benefits as equity…

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9 mistakes to avoid while buying life insurance plans:

9 mistakes to avoid while buying life insurance: 1. Buying guaranteed insurance plans: Such plans usually come with lower returns and hence you tend to lose in the long run. 2. Buying in the name of minor: This for sure will reduce the premium but the entire objective of insurance would be defeated. Do not mix insurance and investments. 3. Buying too many policies: This not only increases the administration burden on one, but even results into high administration charges getting paid to the insurers and their agents.

Things to learn from MS Dhoni and implementing them in your investing journey:

Things to learn from MS Dhoni and implementing them in your investing journey:

Winning traits of a sporting giant: 1. Be humble 2. Build up on small beginnings 3. Have faith and conviction in what you believe in. 4. Learn continuously. 5. Stay calm in turbulent times.

5 common myths about Mutual Funds busted

5 common myths about mutual funds busted: 1. It requires large sum of money to invest: No, You can start with as little as Rs. 500 a month. 2. SIPs mean you will never lose money: In long run, you will not, but in short term, it is normal to rise and fall. 3. You need to be an expert: People you are entrusting your money with are the experts whom you need to believe. 4. Mutual funds only invest in equities: MFs as well invest in liquid funds, debt funds and hybrid funds which are a great form of diversifying your portfolio. 5. You can't go wrong with five star rated funds: Past performance is no indicator of future performance.

Eight deadly sins of investing in Stock Market!

8 deadly sins of investing in stock markets: 1. Herding: Do not simply do what others are doing. Else you will end up buying high and selling low. 2. Lack of diversification: Never put all your eggs in one basket. 3. Optimism: Be practical, not emotional. 4. Mental Accounting: To justify success, one tends to separate the performance of different investments. 5. Regret of failure: Due to regret of failure in in the past, once doesn't take necessary action. 6. Loss aversion: This is also called panic selling. Do not ever sell in panic of loss. Make an informed and wise decision. 7. Anchoring: Instead of adaption to a changing market, one continues to focus on past events. 8. Narrow framing